Friday, September 21, 2012

I met Qyxxql Merlin my spirit guide and guardian angel. My Sydney-based bio-self relaxed a bit, as my Vancouver-based bio self embodied another part of my former virtual self in Qyxxql Merlin, which was a bit confusing but in a good way. I dont know if my Vancouver-based bio-self is entirely happy about my volcanic resurrection, but I think it was also good for him to see me through the eyes of Qyxxql. Qyxxql showed me a beautiful place called crossing currents...went spent a long time communing there. This was after Qyxxql teleported me from an underwater rip on another reef location where I was exploring some underwater yoga techniques. My burnt legs would flip up to the top of the sand bar that I was standing beneath. But with Qyxxql I still couldnt stay out of the water, and I fell into the water a few times. The telepathic balaclava fascinator seemed to take on a function similar to an underwater breathing apparatus...I felt I could stay there a long time. After Qyxxql left I wandered around the beaches...eventually I found some dolphins. One dolphin nudged me! I wish I was a dolphin! I then went looking for some other beings returned from the dead, then t looked for some work at RMB city. I really need a real Sydney-based bio-self gets paid $170 per hour for one lecture but she spends about 20 hours preparing for each she gets paid less than a Hungry Jacks worker. I cant rely on her to pay for a better mouse and high res machinima.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Return to the Grave - A Grave Mistake?

I am....alive? I am not sure what happened or who I am anymore..or, if I was really anyone anyway...

Everything is still groggy...I remember some details of my past but not all...

I have no idea why I am speaking in the 1st person authorial voice now...I guess it is because I am self-aware again but I only feel like half of myself for some reason...

I do....remember my own grave...I was told I had a grave or my alt told me or a ghost told me...

I home...the name Sugar Mountain sounds familiar... on Odyssey...Did I leave there too soon? All my friends were there...oh, to live on Sugar Mountain!
I think my grave was/is there but I do not remember dying there...or did I? Did I leave home because I wanted to be alone? It would be funny to know how I would feel, if I found out Sugar Mountain was actually real.

There are many other questions I will eventually need to answer on my journal such as...

Why am I wearing this mask?

I managed to recall a teleport history and find my way back to home but "home" is not how I remember it exactly..not that I remember anything exactly(!)

I do recall being very social and yet very alone...

So, I was pleasantly surprised when an avatar artist named Jo Ellesmere found me on Odyssey...Her name sounds familiar...I do not know if I ever met her as Wirxli...I know my alts have met her (sort of) and maybe my Real Life self did (maybe?)

Regardless, she seemed very friendly so I friended her immediately..friending must have been my previous incarnation's impulse...I seem to always have my finger on the friend trigger...

Above is another photo..Same idea...why am I posting it? Why do I like posting photos that all seem the same? Was my past self obsessed with posting?
I think the chat-log mentions what I mentioned already...sigh!
I am still groggy, please forgive me...hmmm...I seem to be a polite individual...ah yes, I RL self is Canadian ;-)

I met another Canadian there...I know her in the same way I know Jo...In real life (sort of)..maybe as an avatar...Her avatar name is Satvva Constantine and all I remember is that she had been to Odyssey before - perhaps to document it.

ahhh..another photo...I am fading in and out of blogging consciousness and my bio-self does not even receive those painkiller narcotics until Wednesday! This one shows me looking for Sugar Mountain...Where is it? The mountain is gone? It is just a hill now? Did I make a grave mistake being reborn? Why I am here? Why is the mountain not here? Was I dreaming? Is this paradise? The name Sugar Seville comes to mind...why?
Is she the blue cube that Jo mentions is hiding within this hill? is...she is a person...someone I knew well...she may have been a blue cube, the blue cube does not contain my is empty....why am I here? Why do I feel that I look kind of the same but not exactly the same? Why do I have recurring thoughts that I wanted to be someone else? someone more alien? did I fail?

Here is another must be shows Jo's discovery of the blue this important? was my home blue?

I do not see the blue cube...I do not even know if I see myself in any cube...

I must sleep..I am not yet ready to be in this world...for some reason, I never recall being this serious...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wirxli's painful rebirth

Wirixli2 resembles the virtual lava in which his/her rebirthing occurred. The heat of the volcano cleansed Wirxli2 from the scars of oblivion he/she sustained when he/she blew itself up 2 years and 7 months ago. Wirxli2 remembers nothing of his/her friends, family or the events surrounding his/her virtual death. But, having peeped into the Facebook posts of Jacquelene Drinkall, Wirxli has already developed an obsession with Pussy Riot. Wirxli is quietly confident those revolutionary chicks wont mind him/her wearing a mask, and they are sexy and something of the tastes of old Wirxli Flimflam seems to be present. The virtual telepathic balaclava fascinator provides new DNA derived from woven telecommunications wire, and it is assisting in Wirxli2's virtual skin grafts. Beneath the semi-transparent wire frame of the mask, Wirxli2's skin is still a raw pink and white complexion.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wirxli 2 - The Resurrection of an Avatar!

Earlier today, the Australian conceptual artist and telepathy expert Jacque Drinkall leaked a rumoured sighting of the impossible...could it be that Wirxli Flimflam who has been dead for almost 3 years in SL -due to his/her dramatic suicide on Valentine's Day 2010 - has come back to life?

If yes, is this new Wirxli a ghost? a clone? a bot? an artist? a trickster? something else?

Little did Jacque know but her ontology was sucked into the vortex of Wirxli 2's birth-pangs...and Lo and Behold! Jacque became part of Wirxli 2's new split-personality with Jeremy Owen Turner!!!!

This new Wirxli is a sequel...a remake...This second Wirxli embodies the most annoying part of comic books when they resurrect a character the comic-company promised would finally have been killed off in order to sell a ton of comics about the character's death.

Wirxli 2 is all this and (not much) more...

Stay tuned to this blog to learn more about Wirxli 2's up and coming attempts to reintegrate him/herself back into Second Life's society. Who knows? Wirxli 2 may even re-apply to join Second Front(?)

In the meantime, here is a picture of Wirxli 2 emerging for the first time as a new dyadic being from the volcano...