Friday, September 21, 2012

I met Qyxxql Merlin my spirit guide and guardian angel. My Sydney-based bio-self relaxed a bit, as my Vancouver-based bio self embodied another part of my former virtual self in Qyxxql Merlin, which was a bit confusing but in a good way. I dont know if my Vancouver-based bio-self is entirely happy about my volcanic resurrection, but I think it was also good for him to see me through the eyes of Qyxxql. Qyxxql showed me a beautiful place called crossing currents...went spent a long time communing there. This was after Qyxxql teleported me from an underwater rip on another reef location where I was exploring some underwater yoga techniques. My burnt legs would flip up to the top of the sand bar that I was standing beneath. But with Qyxxql I still couldnt stay out of the water, and I fell into the water a few times. The telepathic balaclava fascinator seemed to take on a function similar to an underwater breathing apparatus...I felt I could stay there a long time. After Qyxxql left I wandered around the beaches...eventually I found some dolphins. One dolphin nudged me! I wish I was a dolphin! I then went looking for some other beings returned from the dead, then t looked for some work at RMB city. I really need a real Sydney-based bio-self gets paid $170 per hour for one lecture but she spends about 20 hours preparing for each she gets paid less than a Hungry Jacks worker. I cant rely on her to pay for a better mouse and high res machinima.

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