Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tasmanian Half-Devil! Interview time tonight :-)

Hello Second Lifers and Second Half-Lifers and Tasmanian Devils! Remember me? Probably not...if that is the case, now is the time to meet me and see how half of me recovered from my avatar suicide! Tonight is your chance to interview me (well, half-of me)... By tonight, I mean 12:30 AM SLT. Add me (Wirxli2) as a friend and I will teleport over to this nice tent located somewhere in Giza. Feel free to ask me about whatever you want now that I am back or just hang out with me in-world. I will also be answering questions from the First-Life "In-Flight Artist Run Initiative" in Hobart, Tasmania. If you happen to live in Hobart, drop by at: 100 Goulburn Street. At the exhibition space, the other half-of me, Jacque Drinkall, will be facilitating the Q&A process from there. I look forward to seeing you...Maybe if I am lucky, I will see some old friends too :-) Cheerz, (1/2 of) Wirxli2

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