Thursday, October 4, 2012

Q&A suggestions for the Half-Tasmanian Devil...

Hello again!

In my previous post, I hyped a rare opportunity to interview half-of-me as part of a show happening in Tasmania tonight.

If you visit the gallery in Tasmania (Hobart) tonight and ask me questions, you will see a future blog post with my recollections about our correspondence.

Not only that, you will Jeremy's voice...which is not the true voice of Wirxli, by the way...Wirxli2's real voice is likely some gender-neutral autotune of the Joker ;-)

Anyway, I am preparing for the possibility that perhaps no one actually wants to ask me questions so I have decided to talk to myself now and - as a contingency - answer some questions I have of myself...

Q: Why have you been resurrected?

A: To see if there was a Second Life after death. I also wanted to disappoint fans by cheating expectations for earning fame from dying tragically. If Superman can come back to life after best-selling issues celebrating his "permanent" death, I figured I could do the same.

Q: People say you (Jeremy) are only 50% Wirxli this true?

A: Ok, I admit - when I say "people" I confess that the questioner is 100% Jeremy.
Yes, I am time-sharing Wirxli2 with Jacque Drinkall. More to the point, I only plan to be 50% myself when I am er....myself...This means, I will try and repress the other 50% of Jeremy-ness to make extra room for Jacque. Does this make sense? If not, welcome to my half-world :-D

Q: You used to be a this still you? half of you? less? more?

A: I have aesthetic amnesia...I am a personality-in-progress. As I mentioned above,Wirxli might not even be 50% Jeremy and Jeremy was maybe only 10% the trickster that Wirxli was/is. There was a reason Jeremy became other avatars. He wanted to explore the other 90% of himself (but certainly not 100% of himself, that would have been truly lame). With a bit of luck, Jacque's personality becomes more dominant this time around. Also, when Jeremy (me) will re-connect with friends as Wirxli2, it may be more as Jeremy than Wirxli2...Jeremy was sick and tired of trying to be Wirxli all the is like being a comedian where you always feel like you had to make someone laugh. Wirxli2 would rather be a two-trick-pony than a one-trick-pony now.
Being Wirxli as Jeremy, it is easy to fall back on "low hanging fruits" such as acting just like the old Wirxli...To quote Ronald Reagan, "Oh, now here you go again!" ;-)

Q: Why are you in Egypt?

A: I am site-seeing! Egypt was all about the afterlife and I figured an old-school Egyptian ritual would bring me back to my avatar body...However,that did not turn out so well so now I am already getting tired of Egypt... If any gallery visitors are around, I try and show them around Tasmania in Second Life.

Q: Who is Jacque anyway?

A: Jacque, who are you anyway? Maybe through tonight's questioning, you will reveal Wirxli's better half ;-)

Q: Who is Jeremy?

A: 100% of Jeremy is a banal bio-tar with lofty philosophical ideas. He is on facebook zzz-ing half the time and tries to live vicariously through his other avatars...emphasis here on his OTHER avatars these days ;-) All he really wants these days are autonomous artificial virtual companions and he wants to be a tornado alien or something like that...One day, Jeremy hopes to create an cy-clone avatar that represents his entire multi-faceted personality (and perhaps the combined personalities of all is friends merged into one)...The born-again Wirxli is the first step to this hive mind mentality...

Q: Why does Wirxli look the same as last time?

A: Wirxli's remediation of his/her appearance was due to a current lack of technical and fiscal resources... (Jeremy refuses to concede that it may have been due to a lack of imaginative resources). Soon enough, Jacque and Jeremy will re-design Wirxli to represent a genuine transformation of Wirxli's character-design.
The more artistic answer is that Wirxli2's dual-resurrection rituals (the volcano re-birth and the Egyptian ritual) simply did not work according to plan.

Q: Will Wirxli2 rejoin Second Front?

A: Wirxli nor Jeremy nor Jacque is entirely sure how many Second Front members are still active in this declining world. With a bit of luck, Wirxli2 can re-apply to perform with the troupe for at least one performance collaboration.

Anyway, I hope this self-interview will inspire some Tasmanians (moderated through Jacque) to ask some questions to me directly...I am more looking forward to the time when others can interview Jacque-as-Wirxli in the near future...I also cannot wait to wake up in Second Life and have no idea where I am or what happened to me ;-)

Let the Born-Again Games Begin!!

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