Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wirxli II talking at the Turing Gallery!

Hi all!

Yes, half-of-me was at the Turing Gallery on Extropia Island today discussing my art-being known as Qiezli. Qiezli's programmer, Michael Nixon was not in attendance so that bought me more time to blab about Qiezli's brief appearance on opening night. Basically, I had to clarify at the panel that the work creating Qiezli has absolutely NOTHING to do with my recent re-birth as a time-shared avatar. It was great to see a friend from Tunisia in attendance :-D

I am sure the curator Gracie Kendal will have a chat-transcript online the meantime, here are some photos...let's just say, you had to be there ;-)

From left-right: Alan Sondheim, Sunflower (audience member), Selavy Oh, me, Gracie Kendall (curator), Philos, Jo Ellesmere...

There was a brief chat about aesthetics before we officially started...

Yes, Erik Rzepka was here ;-)

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